Wednesday, February 15, 2012

the day of love

Valentine's Day could possibly be my favorite holiday! Even when I didn't have a Valentine, I just have always loved it! Pink, flowers, hearts, and love - who couldn't love that? Growing up, my mom always made the day so special for us - hopefully I can continue that tradition! 

We kept things simple this year - we made a "red" dinner at home (enchiladas and spanish rice), ate it on a decorated table (notice the cute place-mats my mom sent us - she has been making them for each holiday! So fun!!), and exchanged little gifts. We each gave each other perfume/cologne - wasn't even planned!! I don't know what this means; either great minds think alike or we both smell. It was fun to take time out of our busy schedule and do something different to celebrate our love!! 


  1. I made those red encheladas the other night too! And I love all the picture frames on your wall.

  2. Your place looks cute. Note to self - work on interior design!

  3. So darling...our son is in good hands!