Sunday, December 6, 2015

7 Months of Henry

If I had to use three words to describe Henry at 7 months they would have to be
happy, determined, and busy. 

 This boy is as smiley and friendly as they come! He is rarely mad, and if he is 
we know there is a good reason why. While he is so social, one of his favorite places 
is still his bed. At the end of the day he parties a bit by himself before falling asleep. 
I guess he values alone time! I love to watch him on the monitor as he crawls and 
rolls all over his crib and listen while he squeals, jabbers, and sings to himself.
If he wants something there is nothing stopping him. He crawls over whatever is
in his path to get what he has his eye on and will keep trying and trying or reaching and
reaching until he gets the results he wants. I'm hoping this determination will be a
quality he holds onto and puts to good use. 

His body is constantly moving - I can't keep up with him! I'm not only talking
about his crawling everywhere, but he rarely stops moving even when he isn't
getting from A to B. He is a wiggle worm and constantly looking for his next item to
grab. Somehow he manages to find every cord in the house and get into things he's
not supposed to. I love his curiosity even if it is exhausting! He still refuses to
snuggle, probably because he would have to hold a little bit still for that! 

I can't believe this sweet baby has already brought us 7 whole months of JOY!
We still just can't get enough of him!