Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trip to the Bay

In January I was able to attend a training for work at the EY office in San Jose. 
It's not always fun to leave home for business trips, but I got to see lots of family on this one so it made up for it. 

I started the trip by staying my first night with Grandma and Grandpa Lambert. It was so fun to be there again! I don't think I had been to their home since I was in middle school or something - they were always coming to visit us instead of the other way around. Being there brought back all kinds of memories! It was so nice to be able to treat them to dinner  with my meal allowance and to get some one-on-one time with them. They are both such great examples to me in so many ways! Unfortunately, I didn't take a single picture during my stay with them :(

The next day I made my way to my meetings downtown. That night a group of us went out to dinner at a rib place so the guys could do a full rack challenge. Some of them actually did it - they ate 13 whole ribs! Yikes! 
Skye and I each ordered a half and didn't even finish that! I feel so blessed to enjoy my coworkers' company - we have to spend lots of time together and I am so lucky they are my friends and not just people I spend my days with!  

 After my meetings I stayed the weekend with the Bradburns! It was so wonderful to get to have some time with them - we really miss having them live close to us!
During the day I hung out with Jack, Sam, and Nora and at night once the boys were asleep I would sneak into Kurt and Marie's room to hang at the end of their bed while we talked, watched YouTube videos, and old Friends episodes on TV. It was such a blast and so nice to have some quality time with that little family. 
I just wish they would move back by us already! 

When I got home, Michael had cleaned the house and made me this "Welcome Apartment" cake!
He's the best!!