Thursday, January 5, 2012

I love to see the Temple

Since Michael and I have been married we have tried to make it a priority to visit the temple as often as possible. Grandpa Grassli is the first member in his family to join the Church, and his family is from Switzerland, so he has many many family names for us to be working on. Taking a family name to the temple has a specialness to it - it is nice to feel like you are doing something to "pay back" your ancestors. 

We made a goal to try to attend as many different temples as we can, and so far we are doing pretty good! We have been to: 

Jordan River
Oquirrh Mountain
Salt Lake 
Mount Timanogos
Nashville, TN

There is still a LONG list for us to see, but I think we are off to a great start! It has been so neat to see the different styles of each of the temples, yet the spirit and the work is the same in each of them. I especially love the Draper temple because I attended the open house before it was dedicated, and it is the temple that I went through for the first time. Every time I attend the temple, I can just feel Heavenly Father's great love for His children! 

We feel so blessed to have so many temples within such a short distance of our home, and we hope to continue to take advantage of this great opportunity while we are here!