Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

We had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving with the Grassli side of the family. We had a delicious meal at the Chuggs' home and I was introduced to the tradition of the Thankful Book. Each year on Thanksgiving, every family member writes what they are thankful for in the book. It was fun to look back through and see what everyone wrote in years gone by. When Michael was little, the things he was thankful for were usually centered around BYU sports, or the Jazz - and it seems to be a theme he is sticking to even now.

This was my first holiday that I have spent away from my own immediate family, and I am proud of how I did! I didn't cry at all; although I got a little teary when Grandpa G. pointed out that it was my first holiday away from home - I guess I hadn't thought about it too much until that point!

I am so grateful that I have been able to get to know all of Michael's extended family so well, since we  live close! They have been so kind and I truly feel like they are my own!

We stayed at the Woodhead's in Sandy for the weekend so that we could feel like we were "out of town" on vactaion. The day after Thanksgiving we ventured out to check out the Black Friday deals, but didn't make a single purchase.

That night was the first night that Temple Square was all lit up with twinkle lights! Marlies, Jane Anne, Michael, and I wandered around in the freezing weather - it was the perfect way to start off the Christmas season! 

The weekend of Thanksgiving we also got our little home in the Christmas spirit! I really really really love holidays and Christmas is no exception! We lucked out and got a free tree and a few other decorations from the Dean's office where I work - the tree is just the right size. 

The Christmas letters are a Lambert tradition - Grandma Lambert has made them for each family.
The advent was sent to Michael on his mission from Grandma and Grandpa G. while they were serving in Switzerland.

We invested in the nativity this year - we were given more pieces for Christmas so next year it will be more complete.
My mom made the cute placemats and napkins so each meal was festive! 
 Lindsay Ham and her fiance, Brycen, invited us on a double to make gingerbread houses. They made the pieces from scratch and everything - I was so impressed! Our house was a bit of a struggle, but it turned out alright in the end. Let me introduce you to the "love shack": 

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  1. Hey - I recognize those Christmas letter-names. Hooray for Grandma!