Thursday, October 27, 2011

Michael Turns 23!

Michael is now 23 years old - that seems so old to me, for some reason! We celebrated with cinnamon rolls for breakfast, a few classes, a decorated apartment, golf with his dad, chicken pillows for dinner, and the Woodheads came over to have cake! 

The birthday boy would not pose for a normal this is as good as it gets

He also blew the candles out too fast to take a picture - like way too fast! 

Michael got some new clothes, new shoes, a cool BYU jacket, a warm winter/ski coat, and some of the treats that he loves from the grocery store (Mountain Dew, fruit snacks, Star Crunch, Powerade, and Toaster Strudels). I would say the day was a success! 
I am especially grateful that Michael was born - he is such a sweet husband and is such a fun guy to have around! 

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  1. I wish we could have come, your apartment looks cute! I laughed out loud at the list of Michael's favorite treats. So typical Michael!! Haha!!!