Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Little Trim

This kid's hair grows like crazy! Maybe it's all of the biotin 
pills I've been taking to try to get my hair to grow back?

He's already had a second haircut. It was just a little trim because 
I'm just not ready to give up the baby look yet! Michael says the 
next one has to be a real cut; we'll see about that...


  1. I feel ya...Peyton has already had 3 haircuts and needs another one. But only 1 has been a real haircut because of the same thing!

  2. He honestly is ADORABLE, kimberly! I just can't get over how good of a baby he is. So happy and content and well adjusted and I could go on and on. SUCH a good kid! I want to squeeze those cheeeeeeeeks!