Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lake Cascade, Idaho

To celebrate Grandma and Grandpa G.'s 50th wedding anniversary, they treated the whole Grassli fam to a wonderful week at Lake Cascade in Idaho! (Shouldn't it have been the other way around - us treating them?! They are far too generous!) 

We all had such a WONDERFUL time basking in the sun, riding on the Chugg's boat, wake-boarding/tubing/bare-footing/surfing, relaxing, laughing, eating lots of yummy food, and spending quality time together! 

This lake was the perfect setting for a vacation - we had a house large enough to fit everyone, a private beach to lay on, and the water was glass all day. The time of the trip was perfect - a couple days after Michael and I finished summer term finals; we were definitely in need of some down time! I was taken back every day by the great beauty all around us. Heavenly Father must really love us! 

THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! to everyone who made it such a memorable week. 

the boys had fun hitting golf balls onto the sand below and even got to go golfing at a real course one of the days. 

our ride for the week - THANK YOU Chuggs!!

the whole gang! Grandpa told us that when he was a little boy he made a goal to have a happy family - he definitely accomplished that! 
the Woodheads/Bradburns

nertz with the cousins


it's obvious who is more talented 
boys will be boys...Michael riding a bike off the dock. 

Grandma G. planned some "minute to win it" games - lots of fun and tons of laughs 

Michael and Mitch doing the usual 
Jack with Uncle Michael
hunting for the mini fish
the ladies on the tube

yes we did!! :)

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